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Hey Gorgeous, 
I'm Nancy

Specializing in makeup, layered haircuts, gray coverage and smoothing treatments. Also passionate about skincare and waxing.

Nancy is our sweet, caring bi-lingual stylist. She will greet you with a smile. Anything you need during your appointment, she's there to help you. Sometimes, you will see her assisting Sarah in order to gain new skills.



"My favorite part about being a stylist is having the ability to help others feel good about themselves. It makes me happy to see my client's confidence boost up after I reveal the completed look. I love to see their bright smiles!"

I am fueled by my love for music and caramel iced coffees. When I am not at the salon you can find me at the beach with my friends, watching movies and playing board games with my family or you can catch me listening to true crime podcast.


When you sit in my chair be prepared to tell me about yourself while you have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. It's your day to feel relaxed and pampered!


Nancy is currently looking for models for makeup. If you would like to be a model, please email


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